Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adam Joseph Resources Ltd (AJR) is committed to contribute our effort in creating a greener world. We actively participate in various spectrums of activities in the business of recycling. We constantly strive to assist businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Core Business:
The current recycling operations of AJR involve collection, segregation, verifications and shipping of metal scrap to major melting plants around the globe. Our customers include major melting plants, foundries and brokers of ferrous and non ferrous metal scrap.
Apart from metal recycling business we also offer e-waste collection and processing advisory services. Providing trade-in services on recycling of old equipments, buildings, infrastructures and industrial waste is also part of our services offerings.
We are one of the most dynamic and growing groups in the recycling business with “Service thru Quality” as our main objective. We take pride in our quality assurance and ensuring uncompromised business integrity in our transaction handlings.

Our Vision
To be the world leading player in the business of creating more sustainable living environment.

Our Missions
  • To establish a strong trusted working relationship with all reusable goods provider.
  • To provide high quality goods and services to our customers
  • To operate our business in the most environmental friendly manner
  • To assist our corporate client to minimised business operation wastes